Flu Vaccinations

Those who are eligible for flu vaccinations will have recieved a text message informing them that as of next week we will be sending out formal invitations to book a flu jab appointment. Appointments will be available on two Saturday mornings in October, one in Hook and one in Hartley Wintney, and also during the week- this includes evenings. There will be plenty of availability. 

Please click here for more information regarding the Flu Vaccine. 

Practice News

Our practice is constantly going through changes and we like to keep you updated. Please click here for our most recent updates on current changes within the practice, including appointments and telephone system. 


Due to an update in guidance from NHS England in response to the recent surge in Covid-19 cases, Whitewater Health requires all patients, visitors and staff to wear facemasks when attending at either of our GP practices.


Thank you for your cooperation


GP Partners

Heathier Together

Please click here to the Healthier Together website, which is a programme that relies upon patients and healthcare professionals to work together in how local healthcare is delivered. It provides advice for parents, young people and pregnant woman, as well as a resource to support healthcare professionals!


The July 2022 Awareness Day issue has some great tips on how to stay safe this summer and general advice.  

Long Covid

If your symptoms of Covid 19 persist for longer than 4 weeks, you may wish to consider contacting the surgery for further advice. Please see the following link for further information. Website:


NHS- Long Covid


NHS Friends and Family


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