Patient Participation Group

Whitewater Health PPG

PPG’s [Patient Participation Groups] are groups of volunteer patients from the GP practice that meet up on a regular basis.

From April 2015 all GP practices in England are required in their contract to establish and maintain PPG’s.

The purpose of the PPG is to ensure that patients and carers are involved in the range, shape and quality of services provided by their practice.

Whitewater Health PPG has set its terms of reference as follows:

  • To feedback patient views from Whitewater Health GP practices in order to enhance service delivery and improve patient health outcomes.
  • Support national health promotion initiatives in consultation with the GP practices to specifically target the practice population.
  • Work with Whitewater Loddon Primary Care Network [which includes Chineham and Clift Practices] and their PPGs to develop an integrated approach to patient care across the PCN.
  • Make representation to CCG [ and other stakeholders] when required to provide support to Whitewater Health when the quality of service delivery and or clinical governance is compromised.
  • Help other patients take more responsibility for their health and make informed decisions.


Membership of the PPG is open to all patients and carers who may apply to join by contacting the PPG in any of the following ways:

By email:

By telephone: 01256 - 678671

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Via suggestion boxes in both surgery waiting rooms

Or by asking the practice staff to forward your details to the PPG chair.


PPG meetings are held monthly in an evening, hosted on Zoom.