Community Connector

How to Access The Service

You must be registered with Whitewater Health GP Practice. You can self-referral by clicking here: or by calling 07872 047461 (between the hours of Monday - Friday 08:30-16:00)

or or by calling 07834 524478 ((between the hours of Monday - Friday 08:30-16:00).

Or following on from a consultation with your GP they may refer you to this service.

What the Service Is

FREE service for people aged 18+ 

Whether you are feeling lonely, or looking to become more physically active but need help with motivation, or confidence, if you want to find out how to take part in activities in your community then we can support you.

Press here for more information


community connector

What Happens When I Meet The Community Connector?

At an introductory conversation, together they will explore your interests, or discuss what you want to achieve.  Together they will identify ways you can start to do the things you want to do - or maybe something similar, but new. 

They are here to support you to help you to improve your health and well-being. 

Over the next few weeks they continue to conversation about how you're feeling and to give you the support you need to be able to achieve your goals. 

We can recommend activities we've found out about that may suit your goals, or connect you to information around your health and well-being, ensuring this is done so locally.

Who Are The Community Connectors?

Anca and Maria - Working in partnership with Whitewater Health on Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays.